Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety Treated with Acupuncture

“I brought my ten year old son to Doctor Huo because he started to not have any interests in anything anymore. My son would always go outside holding a book, paper and a pencil. He always had something with him to keep busy. It got to a point where he didn’t talk much anymore and just sat on the couch looking into space and very sad. I looked up what to do for a child that is going through this type of issue and some of the treatments were so scary.
I didn’t want some doctor putting him on medication. I knew there was something else I could try to help him. Finally, I found Doctor Huo. I called him on New Year’s Eve and he let us come in. We have now gone to see doctor Huo five times and my son is back to himself. I am so happy and thankful that I brought my boy to see him.”
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Healing of Interstitial Cystitis (Hunner’s ulcer)

Healing of Chronic Interstitial Cystitis (Hunner’s Ulcers) with Herbal Medicine and Energy Acupuncture

A lady I treated was suffering from Chronic Interstitial Cystitis (Hunner’s ulcer) for eight years.  She had seen more than ten top physician specialists. Some of her physicians told her that she had the worst urinary bladder in the world and that the only solution for her was to remove the bladder surgically.

She came to me for help. After eight weeks of treatment she regained her normal life without any suffering. Right now she has no pain at all. She can sleep overnight without having to repeatedly get up to go to bathroom, her bladder can hold more than 350cc (previously only 75cc), she doesn’t have to pull her car off the road to urinate at inconvenient times as she did before.

Herbal medicine is very powerful and effective for treating IC (Interstitial Cystitis). Most of my patients can see improvement in the first week. You don’t have to suffer from it and you don’t have to live with it.  

Indeed, YOU CAN LIVE WITHOUT IT!  Following is her most recent medical report from her physician:

Additional Procedural Findings/Comments: Bladder mucosa are much improved with herbal remedies. The ulcerations are gone and the bladder is much healthier…

Interstitial cystitis

Herbal medicine and Energy acupuncture for healing of Interstitial cystitis

herbal medicine and energy acupuncture for healing of Interstitial cystitis

Herbal medicine and energy acupuncture for healing of Interstitial cystitis










About Hunner’s Ulcers

Hunner’s ulcers, also called “Hunner’s lesions” or “Hunner’s patches,” are a subtype of interstitial cystitis (also called IC) and are not ulcers in the usual sense. They are distinctive areas of inflammation on the bladder wall that characterize the “classic” form of IC. Hunner’s ulcers are the one diagnostic feature that clinches the IC diagnosis, but this “classic” form of IC affects only about 5-10% of patients. Often, patients with this form of IC have more severe symptoms than patients with non-ulcerative IC.

Treating Hunner’s ulcers themselves can reduce symptoms significantly. Your physician will use one of these procedures:

  • Fulguration: “burning off” the ulcers by using a special instrument with a heated tip or a laser technique.
  • Resection of ulcers: cutting around and removing the ulcers from the bladder wall.
  • Submucosal injection: injecting a steroid (triamcinolone or Kenalog) into the ulcer. Although still being researched, this procedure can be safer and may prove to be as effective as the other two.

All these procedures are done while you are under general or spinal anesthesia.

Traditional Chinese medicine offers a less invasive approach to treatment!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Kidney Stone Dissolved!

Kidney Stones Can Be Dissolved!

“I was going to wait until my health journey with Dr. Huo was complete, but I decided to write a review now in the hope that my experience might encourage anyone suffering to seek treatment from Dr. Huo for help as soon as possible.


For over a decade now I’ve suffered from ailments ranging from two auto-immune diseases (relapsing polychondritis scalp psoriasis, which I’ve learned from Dr. Huo don’t really exist), to chronic lower back pain (herniated discs and degenerated discs), IBS issues, adrenal fatigue, underactive thyroid, gallstones, kidney stones, etc. And after Western Medicine failed me by putting me on mega doses of steroids, pressuring me to take other immunosuppressants, removing my gallbladder, cortisone shots in my back, knees, hips & countless other ineffective & quite damaging therapies, I was left worse off than when I began.

I was defeated, gained 100 lbs, not to mention I was physically, mentally & emotionally exhausted. I knew there had to be a better way. And so I began seeking natural medicine remedies. I went to homeopaths, holistic nutritionists, nutritional biochemists, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, Chinese herbal medicine schools, naturopaths, etc. Some helped for short periods of time. I lost weight & minimized some flares, but for the most part nothing was cured.


In the midst of all this, I found myself with a VERY LARGE kidney stone. I had a kidney stone 7 yrs ago which was much smaller than this one yet I was unable to pass that one either. For the last one they did a surgery where they went up my ureter, blasted the stone, removed it and then left a stent in me for 6 wks which led to numerous infections, etc.

I thought once it was gone I was in the clear, but this past November I had a painful attack that landed me in the E.R. where I found out that I had yet another stone, only this one was extremely large. (1.3 cm which is more than twice the maximum size that you can pass naturally) They suggested I get a procedure called ESWL where they use shock waves to break up the stone into pieces for you to pass.

They don’t guarantee you that it will work or that all of the pieces will be small enough to pass. Also, it doesn’t ensure that you won’t get a stone again. I wasn’t comfortable with that. I researched all over the internet, got 2nd opinions from urologists & even went to a Chinese medicine, school none of which could dissolve or shrink the stone enough for me to pass it. Unwilling to do the shock therapy, I decided to try a new naturopathic doctor (Pina LoGiudice). She was wonderful and highly recommended that I see Dr. Huo.


In my first appointment with Dr. Huo he told me that he will be able to dissolve this stone AND he will also repair my kidney energy so that it won’t continue to produce stones. He put me on a 4 wk regimen. I come for acupuncture once a week (which is completely painless) & 4 days/week I brew herbal teas. After 4 wks I went to my urologist for a sonogram of my kidneys & THE KIDNEY STONE HAS DECREASED TO LESS THAN HALF ITS SIZE!!! (it is now 0.5 cm) Dr. Huo’s program has been completely painless. The stone is dissolving into sand, so I don’t even feel it passing.

My energy has increased & the best part is that HE TREATS THE WHOLE BODY, not just the kidneys, so my lower back pain is nearly non-existent, my chronic constipation is beginning to normalize & I’m sleeping better than I have in years. I CAN’T WAIT TO CONTINUE WITH DR. HUO & check in with you in a few more weeks when the kidney stone is COMPLETELY GONE!! Don’t delay! Get to Dr. Huo NOW!! Many of us Americans are suffering unnecessarily, fearing the unknown & treating Chinese Medicine as “alternative medicine.” It is NOT alternative medicine, it is THE ORIGINAL MEDICINE. Its ancient roots go far beyond any textbook could ever teach. This is wisdom & experience. Trust his process & get on your way to optimum health, balance and life again!

Until next time…”


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Another Kidney Stone Dissolved

Kidney Stone Dissolved!

Kidney Stone Dissolved!

“I have been practicing in the health field for over 35 years and have never met anyone like Frank Huo. He is truly one in a million. Many of my patients had recommended him to me for years. It was only until I had a personal health issue that I experienced his exceptional work and talent.

It was when I was stricken with a kidney stone so large that the doctors were telling me it was too large to pass on its own. A blockage from the stone was causing the kidney to swell almost twice its’ normal size. Frank put me on a regimen of 4 days of herbal teas and a session or two of acupuncture. To my delight and the amazement of the other doctors, the kidney stone had dissolved! This was proven by a post x-ray of the same area which had shown the original large stone.

There are so many stories like this that I can tell. Anyone who has the opportunity to seek his help and experience his marvelous work will be rewarded many times over. He is truly a gift from the heavens!”

-Dr. Louis Cohen

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Degenerative Arthritis

Healing Degenerative Arthritis

degenerated Arthritis

Degenerative Arthritis

“My knees have been diagnosed with stage IV degenerative arthritis since the beginning of this year. I have been tried everything as I can, such as pain medication, massage, acupuncture, physical therapy and aqua-therapy etc. Unfortunately, the symptom has not been much improved.

The miracle happens since May 2015, I have received Dr. Huo’s treatment, once a week with his energy medicine, acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine, my health situation improved a lot. My arthritis has been controlled very well. I am back to normal routine life now.

Thanks for Dr. Frank Hou’s magic hand!”

-X. L. Tan (Boston, MA)

To learn more about arthritis, acupuncture, TCM, and how natural energy healing combine to help patients like X. L. Tan, click here. Also, please note that we have experience in treating rheumatoid arthritis.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Indolent Prostatitis and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Indolent Prostatitis and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Acupuncture for Indolent Prostatitis and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Indolent Prostatitis and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a disease commonly affecting males over the age of 40. Indolent prostatitis is a disease of any age group. The hallmark of this disease is urinary difficulty, with straining during voiding. Patients complain of bladder distension, back pain, and perineal pain.

Patients commonly believe that BPH is curable only with surgery. Thus, most patients prefer medical treatment to delay surgical intervention, rightly concerned about sexual side effects of the surgery which include incontinence and impotence. This is only a temporizing measure.

Some sufferers seek TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatment. TCM practitioners commonly believe that BPH is due to a damp heat of the urinary bladder, and stagnation of bladder circulation. Treatment along these lines will improve symptoms, but cannot offer a cure. Thus, the TCM diagnosis may not be entirely correct, or BPH may not be due to stagnation or damp heat alone.

Better Treatment Options

In my experience, these patients have renal and splenic deficiencies in yang energy. The kidneys are responsible for driving defecation and urination, thus deficiencies in yang energy of the kidneys manifests as abnormalities of the bladder such that urination does not occur. Deficiencies in yang energy of the kidneys can also manifest as indolent prostatitis. Yang energy is responsible for warming the lower abdomen. Without yang energy, the lower abdomen becomes cold and the poisonous waters gather in the prostate and effects prostatitis and BPH. We commonly treat this condition with 真武湯. This medication has the effect of warming the kidneys and improving the excretion of poisonous waters. At the same time, alongside with proprietary energy treatments to support yang energies and remove negative energies, we’ve seen dramatic cures of this disorder.

As stated previously, BPH commonly affects men over the age of 40. The book “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Medicine” has stated: “Men, after age 40, experience a decline in kidney energies… Kidney energy is the basis of life. Thus, supporting the yang energies of the kidney is recommended as the correct treatment modality.”

If you experience frequent urination at night, hesitancy, weak urinary stream, or persistent dripping after voiding, then you may have BPH. If you are over the age of 40, the chances of BPH increase dramatically.


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Depression And Sunlight Meditation

Depression and Sunlight Meditation

Depression and Sunlight Meditaion

Depression and Sunlight Meditation

Sunlight meditation is the most powerful modality to treat depression in Dr. Huo’s unique healing energy medicine system.  Modern medical studies show that we can treat depression with sunlight therapy (JAMA).
While bright light therapy is an evidence-based treatment for seasonal depression, there is limited evidence for its efficacy in nonseasonal major depressive disorder (MDD). Bright light treatment, both as monotherapy and in combination with fluoxetine, was efficacious and well tolerated in the treatment of adults with nonseasonal MDD. However, the combination treatment had the most consistent effects.

Depression and Sunlight Meditation

Depression and Sunlight Meditation


Depression and Sunlight Meditation Training Program

If sunlight therapy fails to help you to get rid of depression, and you want to learn the more powerful and effective sunlight meditation technique, please contact Dr. Huo’s office for more information.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis NearlyCured by Using Dr. Frank Huo’s Natural Healing Energy Medicine

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Treatment Started on February, 2015.

2014/05/26 444.00 44.80
2015/03/30 253.40 67.30 130
2015/05/03 230.50 338.90 137
2015/05/21 222.3 424.8 130
2015/08/13 89.3 605.0 23.3 170
2015/08/31 45.9 570.6 105
2015/09/17 44.7 540.9 122
2015/09/26 34.7 445.3 19.6 81
2015/10/08 29.4 278.4 40


Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammation that may affect many tissues and organs of the body, but primarily attacks synovial joints, which is the most common and movable type of joint in the body of a person. This autoimmune disease usually causes chronic inflammation to the joints, but also affects the tissue around the joints. Autoimmune diseases normally occur when the body’s tissues are erroneously attacked by their own immune system.

Since rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic illness, it can last for years, and patients suffering from this disease may experience it for longer times without showing any symptoms. Rheumatoid arthritis is a progressive illness that may potentially cause joint destruction and permanent disability. The symptoms that are experienced are joint pain, swelling, stiffness and general discomfort.

Traditional prescription medicines are not always the effective treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. An alternative treatment for this autoimmune disease can be achieved with natural treatments such as traditional Chinese medicines or acupuncture.

Using Acupuncture to Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine and healing method that has been documented and present for more than 3,000 years. For Chinese people, it is used to effectively treat the symptoms of arthritis, and various health problems. An acupuncture procedure is performed when specific body areas and points are punctured with fine needles for therapeutic purposes to relieve joint pains, produce regional anesthesia, or provide body relaxation.

This is an effective treatment for rheumatoid arthritis because as a natural medication, it does not have any negative side effects, whereas most prescribed medications do, making it difficult for patients suffering from this chronic joint illness.

By inserting thin needles into several body points or “meridians,” acupuncture clearsg any energy blockages. This allows the illness and the uncomfortable feeling to be quickly alleviated. Acupuncturists may focus on the heart, kidney, back of head, and internal secretion points when treating rheumatoid arthritis.

Traditional acupuncturists typically treat the person as a whole rather than focusing on the symptoms of the disease. They consider the lifestyle of the sufferer and also environmental factors that triggered the problem.

There was a study of auriculo-electropuncture (AEP) in Russia with 16 patients that suffered from arthritis. AEP is a treatment of essential points on the ear. They used a double-blind method which resulted in a statistically significant improvement in their blood samples.

In another study, there were 54 rheumatoid arthritis patients undergoing acupuncture with the use of a Chinese herb called Zhuifengsu, also called warm needling. The results showed this particular treatment to be 100% effective.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treated by Using Dr. Frank Huo’s Natural Healing Energy medicine

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treated by Using Dr. Frank Huo’s Natural Healing Energy medicine

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Anemia Treated by Dr. Frank Huo’s Natural Energy Medicine for Three Weeks

anemia treated by Herbal medicine

anemia treated by Herbal medicine

anemia treated by Herbal medicine

anemia treated by Herbal medicine










Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for Anemia

Anemia is a disorder in which the body produces an insufficient number of red blood cells (RBCs) to provide other cells with the oxygen they need to function normally. A common symptom is tiredness, which occurs because the body is unable to function at normal levels. Because of this symptom, anemia is sometimes known as “tired blood.” Furthermore, there are many kinds of anemia, ranging from relatively mild to very severe. Those affected by anemia may suffer for only short periods of time or as long as one’s lifetime. The choice of treatment in allopathic medicine depends on the type of anemia the patient experiences. Similarly, practitioners of alternative medicine, such as those experienced in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), take advantage of herbal remedies, various types of bodywork, acupuncture, or other alternative and complementary forms of medicine to treat anemia.

How Is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Used to Treat Tihis Illness?

Allopathic physicians recognize many kinds of anemia, including aplastic, sickle-cell, vitamin-deficiency, iron-deficiency, hemolytic, and thalassemia.

While each type has a different cause, hence, each type requires a different treatment. Practitioners of TCM believe that all types are indications that the body is producing insufficient quantities of blood of good quality. Otherwise, the flow of qi, the essential vital spirit that keeps a body healthy, has become blocked or reduced. To resolve this problem, they use various techniques to stimulate the organs to produce more and a better quality of blood and to improve the flow of qi. Especially relevant in TCM is that the specific treatment used depends on the patient’s symptoms.

Acupuncture for Anemia

One method for treating anemia in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is acupuncture. Acupuncture is the process by which we insert long, thin needles at various points under the skin. As a result, we improve the flow of qi throughout the body. We insert needles at meridians that increase the flow of qi to the spleen, which produces blood, and the stomach. Also, needles are inserted at other meridians that improve the flow of qi to the liver, which stores blood and maintains a properly balanced flow of blood throughout the body.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.


Ankylosing spondylitis

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Unique Energy Acupuncture Natural Healing for Ankylosing Spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis is a chronic condition involving inflammation and arthritis of the spine. It more commonly affects the lower spine, pelvis and sacro-iliac joints. This slow developing debilitating disease can eventually cause fusion of the bones. It affects more males than females.

The common medications prescribed for this condition are Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs such as Ibuprofen, diclofenec and naproxen. Unfortunately, they have side effects including skin rashes, eczema, cardiovascular problems, and stomach and kidney problems. Taking the medications does not actually slow the progression of the disease or prevent fusion of the bones. Other medications in the past that were used to mask the symptoms of ankylosing spondylitis have since been banned because they did more harm than good.

The most common symptoms include pain and decreased range of motion as well as tiredness. The symptoms often get worse on cloudy and rainy days as well during sudden changes to colder weather.

The traditional Chinese medical diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis is called painful bone impediment. It is seen to be due to outside environment factors including cold and wind invading through the pores on the skin and lodging in the bones (Du Channel) because depleted defensive energy in human body can not protect the body from those invasions.

In simple visual terms, ankylosing spondylitis is seen as cold stuck in the bones; the treatment involves the insertion of Moxibustion Warm Needle techniques and defensive energy restoring herbal medicine, combined with Dr. Huo’s unique healing energy treatments.

The research on acupuncture for ankylosing spondylitis confirmed decrease in pain, increased range of movement on the spine, ESR levels reduced by half, C-reactive proteins reduced to 25% and even reduced HLA-B27 markers.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Hypertension is Curable?

Hypertension is Curable?

Richard, a white American male aged 55, has a personal 20-year history of high blood pressure, plus a family history of heart attacks and high blood pressure. His father and brother both died of heart disease, and he has had coronary bypass grafting himself. Every day he takes medication for his blood pressure.

Richard was introduced to our clinic through friends. At the initial interview, his face was pale and his extremities were cold. His tongue was dark purple and his pulse was slippery in character. He described his history of 20 years of anti-hypertensive medication use, claiming that they were starting to fail him. After eating spicy foods, he experiences ulcerations in his mouth and hemorrhoids. He experiences a fear of dying from his heart disease just like his father and brother. He knew that western medicine could no longer help him, and wanted to consult with a TCM practitioner as that was his last hope.

A Solution in Traditional Chinese Medicine

After inspection, auscultation, questioning, and physical examination, I determined that the source of his disease was due to the rebelling of his stomach energies. Normally, stomach energies sink down and join with the energies of the gallbladder to warm the kidneys. This allows an exchange of the heart and kidney energies. In his case, he needed to cool his descending gallbladder energy in order to warm his kidneys. To treat him, I first needed to improve the downward movement of his stomach energies.

Acting on the principles outlined above, I prescribed a regimen of herbal medicines and instructed him to take his blood pressure every morning. If systolic is lower than 120 mmHg, he was to ask his family physician to lower his blood pressure medication doses. After treatment for two months, he was able to discontinue both his western and eastern medications. Richard has now been off medication for two years.

Richard was lucky. He believed in his TCM practitioner and was able to come to a satisfactory ending. Richard is much more fortunate than most sufferers of hypertension, whose blood pressures only come down at death.


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.