Kidney Stone Dissolved 1

Kidney Stone Dissolved

“I have been practicing in the health field for over 35 years and have never met anyone like Frank Huo. He is truly one in a million. Many of my patients had recommended him to me for years. It was only until I had a personal health issue that I experienced his exceptional work and talent.

It was when I was stricken with a kidney stone so large that the doctors were telling me it was too large to pass on its own. A blockage from the stone was causing the kidney to swell almost twice its’ normal size. Frank put me on a regimen of 4 days of herbal teas and a session or two of acupuncture. To my delight and the amazement of the other doctors, the kidney stone had dissolved! This was proven by a post x-ray of the same area which had shown the original large stone.

There are so many stories like this that I can tell. Anyone who has the opportunity to seek his help and experience his marvelous work will be rewarded many times over. He is truly a gift from the heavens!”

-Dr. Louis Cohen

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.