MS and Arthritis

MS and Arthritis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) are incurable diseases. And yet, we have experience in treating these two diseases. My first patient was a 70 year old Caucasian female with ALS who was unable to move her extremities upon initial consultation with me. She was experiencing difficulty swallowing and talking at the time. After treatment, she was able to regain strength in her limbs and saw improvement in speech and swallowing.

The second patient in this case series was a white female in her thirties suffering from both arthritis and MS and she experienced a lot of pain. Consequently, she’d been on steroids to control her symptoms for one year. Especially concerning were the splitting headaches, such that it seemed to her as if the room was spinning. Each day was a struggle. After long-term steroid use, she complained of heart problems and acid reflux such that she had to discontinue her steroid use. In western medical science, steroids are akin to nuclear weapons; diseases refractory to steroid treatment can’t receive further treatment. She came to my clinic through the recommendation of her doctor.

Applying Traditional Chinese Medicine to the Problem

After reviewing her medical history and a physical examination, I diagnosed her with yang failure and retention of poisonous waters. I treated her with a regimen of herbal medications and she improved dramatically. After treatment, she was like a new person.

This lady has a history of eating cold things. She prefers ice water and raw vegetables. Also, she never kept a regular schedule. After years of this, her kidney yang energies were depleted. The basis of life itself was shaken in her and coldness took root within. The result of which was demyelination. The TCM interpretation is that the brain is a space of pure yang and can only be harmed by coldness. Her arthritis was also a symptom of the damage to her yang energies.

According to the Yellow Emperor Internal Medicine: Wind, Cold, Wet cannot harm people individually. The place where disease is apparent is where the qi is weak. The root of all disease is weakness in qi or deficiency in yang.

Our proprietary treatment for these diseases consists of energy repletion along with herbal remedies. Energy repletion affects both post and pre-natal energies to harmonize yin and yang to great effect.


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.