Welcome to Dr. Frank Huo’s Energy Acupuncture!

We treat a wide spectrum of medical conditions with Dr. Huo’s acupuncture and energy medicine system. If you’re not satisfied with the results from conventional medicine and you’re looking for the solution to your health issues, you need look no further.

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Dr. Huo’s acupuncture office in Queens, New York.

Who is Dr. Huo?

I am an expert in traditional Chinese medicine, a natural energy medicine doctor, a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist, and board certified nationally by the NCCAOM. As a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and energy acupuncture, I choose to focus on healing more than physical illnesses. As a holistic energy practitioner, I help my patients follow the road to full health.

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What is the Energy Acupuncture Medicine System That Dr. Huo uses?

In this revolutionary system :

The Cure of disease is the process of accumulating the prenatal energy. the curing is the natural outcome of  constant self-healing.

Energy Medicine incorporates three modalities of treatment:

1) Acupuncture – whereby energy flows through meridians and acupuncture points with the aid of very thin needles.

2) Herbal Medicine – every single herb carries a different, unique energy. We create synergy by combining herbs. Therefore, using different combinations of herbs, we target different organ systems in order to address specific health issues.

3) Energy Treatment – I apply energy from my hands to my patients’ bodies.

These 3 modalities are all about ENERGY.

During acupuncture treatments, I apply my energy to the needles as I insert them into different points along the body’s meridians. Yet, what I offer is different from other practitioners. In most cases, I use my unique healing technique. I can combine my energy with the needles to remove blockages in meridians. Also, I can guide the energy to go to specific areas to release blocks or strengthen energy in those areas. A principle of energy medicine is that if energy is blocked, you have to open it. I can do that with or without acupuncture needles.

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Dr. Huo on PBS

Dr. Huo treating cancer cells in lab on PBS show.