Offering Acupuncture in Queens NY 

The acupuncture we offer at our practice in Queens, NY is good for many diseases and can alleviate many symptoms. Practitioners of acupuncture are growing by the thousands everywhere, and straight acupuncture is a treatment that’s well accepted in the West.

It is indeed a very powerful modality of Chinese medicine. However, a true TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctor should use the right modality to treat each problem.

Going Beyond Acupuncture

We believe that there’s a better way to deal with the more serious or chronic problems that can’t effectively be treated by acupuncture alone. In TCM, for more severe problems where internal organs are involved or where there is lack of energy, we need to also use herbal medicine.

Herbal medicine is not only about the ingredients – it is a kind of energy medicine. Different herbs and different combinations of herbs will produce a synergy. To correctly use Chinese herbal medicine, you need to know the human body’s energy anatomy. Knowing the ingredients alone, and what each ingredient is good for, is not enough. Traditional Chinese medicine does not work that way.  

Prescribing herbs alone based only on their ingredients’ effect on a particular condition is the same as prescribing western pills. Many TCM doctors today are working this way, but it isn’t the way we approach healing. To be a good TCM doctor, you need to know what kind of energy each single herb carries, and what synergy it has with different combinations of herbs.

Depending on the disease or ailment, if acupuncture and herbal medicine aren’t strong enough to solve the problem, I will add energy treatments. This energy technique is powerful, unique, and scientifically proven to be effective, particularly in treating severe problems such as cancer.

At Energy Acupuncture we can treat a wide spectrum of diseases and ailments including:

  • Pain (including back, sciatica and knee, headaches and migraines)
  • Immune Disorders (including arthritis, cancers and tumors)
  • Allergy and Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Infertility
  • Women’s Health (including PMS, fibroids and cysts, and menopause)
  • Depression and Anxiety
acupuncture Queens NY

acupuncture Queens NY








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