Energy Medicine

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine incorporates three modalities of treatment:

1) Acupuncture – whereby energy flows through meridians and acupuncture points with the aid of very thin needles.

2) Herbal Medicine – every single herb carries a different, unique energy. We create synergy by combining herbs. Therefore, using different combinations of herbs, we target different organ systems in order to address specific health issues.

3) Energy Treatment – I apply my UNIQUE healing energy from my hands to my patients’ bodies.

These 3 modalities are all about ENERGY.

During acupuncture treatments, I apply my energy to the needles as I insert them into different points along the body’s meridians. This is different from other practitioners because in most cases, I’m using my unique healing technique. I can combine my energy with the needles to remove blockages in meridians, and I can guide the energy to go to specific areas to release blocks or strengthen energy in those areas. A principle of energy medicine is that if energy is blocked, you have to open it. I can do that with or without acupuncture needles.

By combining different herbs as a formula, I can successfully address the organ issues or problems, dysfunctions or energy imbalances. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), all physical disease is a result of energy imbalance or blockage.

The Cause of Diseases

At the very beginning stages of a disease, you have energy imbalances or blockages. It’s invisible. So you might be feeling ill, and go in for an x-ray or diagnosis and find that “nothing is wrong,” when in actuality the problem is simply in this invisible state. If it isn’t resolved by returning your energy to a balanced state, or by freeing the blockages, what develops is a  physical change (i.e. disease).

This is why it is very difficult to find cancer in its early stages when it’s only present as imbalanced energy and it hasn’t reached the state of physical change.

Health and longevity mainly depend on your state of pre-natal energy and how it’s complemented by post-natal energy.

Pre-natal energy is what you are born with. Prenatal energy is your life force. Post-natal energy is the energy you get from eating and breathing – your lifestyle.

There are two causes of disease:

1)  Where pre-natal energy is too weak.  

2) Where prenatal and postnatal energies are not balanced.  

The energy treatment that I give can open the pre-natal energy system and input new energetic patterns which helps to balance the pre-natal energy and post-natal energy.    

This energy medicine isn’t precisely an integrative, complementary form of medicine. It consists of three types of modalities, but they come together to form a wholesome blend of energy medicine. A good analogy is to think of integrative medicine as being like a salad, which consists of different greens and vegetables, eggs, potatoes, meats, fruit, nuts, etc, all mixed together and combined with a salad dressing. Each of the salad’s ingredients are recognizable and can stand alone. Then the salad dressing brings all these ingredients together. Energy medicine can be likened to a soup, with all the ingredients blended so well together that each ingredient is no longer recognizable on its own.

The study conducted at Columbia University has been documented below. The results of these studies provide scientific proof that the energy healing treatment technique Dr. Huo uses in his practice is effective.

Columbia University Study on Energy Medicine Healing

inhibiting the growth of cancer cells in CPMC

Dr. Frank Huo’s healing energy is inhibiting the growth of cancer cells in CPMC Lab



Results of studies led by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Cardiac Surgeon at Presbyterian MedicalCenter of Columbia University and Host of The Dr. Oz Show, have revealed that Frank Huo´s energy is unique and reproducible.

Study One:

This study examined the effect of energy medicine healing on in vitro tumor cell growth using the cell culture model similar to that embraced by oncologists to assess the effect of chemotherapeutic agents. After selecting an energy healer based on his ability to influence this model, we assessed the effects of energy treatment (for 30 min) compared to cells left at ambient temperature and to a control treatment consisting of a medical student mimicking the healer. A chi-square test comparing a medical student´s and the practitioner´s ability to inhibit tumor cell growth by 15% associates our practitioner with inhibition of tumor cell proliferation (p = 0.02).

                             TABLE 1. RESULTS OF PRACTITIONER SCREENING
Practitioner type  Trial 1  Trial 2  Trial 3
Therapeutic touch  1   25  -10   0
Therapeutic touch 2  -17  -36   3
Energy Healer   15  -15  -6
Frank Huo   31   29  18


Scientific Facts:

  • Table 1 demonstrates that the first three practitioners did not meet our study requirements. Frank Huo, on the other hand appeared to consistently inhibit proliferation of cancer cells.
  • Inhibition was defined using two standards, the experimental error of the assay (5%) and the inhibitory effect of the chemotherapeutic agents used as a positive control (15%).The results of analyses under both criteria are significant (p = 0.012 and p = 0.024,respectively).

Dr. Oz’s Comments:

  • “The majority of the time we had less tumor cell growth in the cells that Frank [Huo] treated than the controls. I´m not going to claim that´s a cure to cancer. All it means is that we saw an aberration in what we would anticipate would occur if me and you both held tumor cells in our hands.”Dr. Oz’s Comments:

Study Two: 

We found a correlation between change in the electromagnetic emissions for the body and the conscious desire of an energy practitioner to change their state. Analyses of individual finger coronas demonstrate statistically significant differences as analyzed by overall color changes and through analysis of individual sections of the various colors dominating the field. Control subjects were unable to reproducibly effect statistically significant changes.


Healing energy releasing

Energy releasing from Dr. Huo’s left middle finger tip (Left) vs none practitioner (Right)


Unique UV Light releasing from Dr. Huo’s Left Middle fingertip on and off (Top 2)


Scientific Facts:

  • Considering the frequency shift of the structural layer, the blue-violet in the photograph is actually representative of shorter wavelength energy and suggests energy transmission in the ultraviolet region.
  • Energy Practitioner is able to reproducibly effect statistically significant changes.


Harvard Medical School Study on Dr. Frank Huo’s Unique Healing Energy

Increase the Macrophage cells(in vitro) (after a 30min energy treatment) Viability (by 15%) and binding (by 35%) for TiO2 powder. As a result, it’s scientifically proven that this energy can communicate with immune cells!

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