Melanoma(Cancer Survivor — A living miracle)

Finally, I Feel in Control of My Body & Life*

“Hi Dr. Huo,

I am so grateful that I’ve met you. There are no words in any language that can express my overwhelming gratitude.


When I came to see Dr. Huo, every single day I was suffering with feeling exhausted by 5pm. I had problems breathing and, therefore, walking long distances became a real challenge.  Normally, I can walk 6-8 miles without feeling exhausted or out of breath. I always had a chronic discomfort in my upper back and bad breath. The halitosis kept me shy, quiet and pretty much isolated. Could you imagine being ashamed to speak directly to people for over 40 years.  Believe me I tried everything. I did colonics, took countless number of herbs, tried numerous breath products etc.

Initially, colonics would give me a reprieve for a few weeks. Then my bad breath would resurface. Also the breath products worked for a while then it stopped. One of the most horrible moments is learning that I had a gum infection and I had all of my teeth removed. And, still I had bad breath. Many social function whether with family, friends, or organization that I was a part of became a chore to attend. Feeling so lethargic made listening and talking to people a great burden on my mind and body. So I just wouldn’t show up.

I told a friend what is was going through and she referred me to Dr. Huo. That first visit Dr. Huo told me why I was feeling lethargic, suffering with the chronic pain in my back, and why I couldn’t get rid of the halitosis. That was fine I finally knew why. He gave me acupuncture, which was great. But what really shocked me was when he gave me the  herbs to heal these health issues that have held me hostage all of my life. There were only 4 DAYS OF HERBS-I repeat-ONLY FOUR (4) DAYS OF HERBS. To say the least, I left his office feeling skeptical and questioning whether 4 days of herbs could solve almost a lifetime of health issues.

After taking the first cup of herbs, I felt an immediate difference. The discomfort in my upper back went completely away and the pain in head never returned. The lethargy has gone away after the second day. And my halitosis has been reduced by 90-95%.  Some of my friends say they can’t smell my breath at all.

The most important benefit that I have received from being on Dr. Huo herbs is a feeling of WELL-BEING. I am 54 years old and finally I feel in control of my mind body and spirit. It used to be agonizing finding out that I have low to normal Blood Pressure, Low Cholesterol, normal Blood Sugar, 20/20 vision and I still felt something wasn’t quite right in my body.  Now, after working with Dr. Huo I know what it feels like to be healthy and IT DOESN’T HAVE TO TAKE YEARS TO HEAL CHRONIC ISSUES.


No matter what you are suffering with whether it is emotional, physical or psychological, give Dr. Huo a visit. I promise he will not disappoint you.



Rheumatoid Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis*

My name is Catherine Smith, and I have been a patient of Dr. Frank Huo for 2 years. I started seeing Dr. Huo for two conditions. Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosed 5 years ago, and Multiple Sclerosis diagnosed 3 years ago. At the time I started to see Dr. Huo I was on prednisone (steroids) for 3 years ranging from 3 mg a day for the arthritis to 60 mg a day for the MS  symptoms. For the swelling and pain that I would have from the arthritis it was impossible to go more than 3 days without the steroids, I would be in pain and have swelling of my fingers and feeling very fatigued.

The symptoms from the MS that I would have would be severe headache that would last for weeks, with dizziness that I could not work or even try to have a normal day. I also would always be tired and fatigued no matter how much I would rest, and I would get numbness into my face. I was not able to tolerate the heat I would get so dizzy I felt I would pass out.

Since the terrible incurable conditions came into my life, I did not have a normal life, I was depressed about  my future and I really felt I was going to die. The steroids I was taking already had made my bones osteopenia and I was getting palpitations when I took them and there seemed to be no end or hope for me. Then one day I heard of Dr. Huo from a Dr. Cohen who tried to help me, but felt I should consult Dr. Huo due to the conditions I had he felt Dr. Huo would be the one to try to help me.

Since I have been under Dr. Huo’s treatment and guidance my life has completely changed. I am not the same person I was when I had started with Dr. Huo. I feel so much better and my life is so much better. I do not take any steroids or any other drugs for either of my conditions. Dr. Huo’s treatments were able to get me completely off steroids, it has now been almost 2 years off these drugs. I very rarely get any headaches, and if I do they are not so bad, and go away within a day. Also, I very rarely get slight swelling in my fingers.

I must say I am forever grateful for what Dr. Huo has done for me, with his knowledge to be able to treat me as he did and improve my health and life which he has done is amazing. My medical Dr. has seen the change in me from what Dr. Huo has done, and he tells me keep doing whatever you’re doing. My Multiple Sclerosis is stable and shows no worsening, it’s in remission, and the arthritis minimally bothers me. I feel I do have a very hopeful future now, and I am enjoying life.

Thanks to Dr. Huo and Rentian medicine so much!

Forever Grateful, Catherine Smith Castaldi”

Kidney Stones Can Be Dissolved*

“I was going to wait until my health journey with Dr. Huo was complete, but I decided to write a review now in the hope that my experience might encourage anyone suffering to seek treatment from Dr. Huo for help as soon as possible.

MY HEALTH HISTORY: For over a decade now I’ve suffered from ailments ranging from two auto-immune diseases (relapsing polychondritis scalp psoriasis, which I’ve learned from Dr. Huo don’t really exist), to chronic lower back pain (herniated discs and degenerated discs), IBS issues, adrenal fatigue, underactive thyroid, gallstones, kidney stones, etc. After Western Medicine failed me by putting me on mega doses of steroids, pressuring me to take other immunosuppressants, removing my gallbladder, cortisone shots in my back, knees, hips & countless other ineffective & quite damaging therapies.

I was left worse off than when I began. I was defeated, gained 100 lbs, not to mention I was physically, mentally & emotionally exhausted. There had to be a better way, so I began seeking natural medicine remedies. I went to homeopaths, holistic nutritionists, nutritional biochemists, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, Chinese herbal medicine schools, naturopaths, etc. Some helped for short periods of time. I lost weight & minimized some flares, but for the most part nothing was cured.

ENTER THE KIDNEY STONE: In the midst of all this, I found myself with a VERY LARGE kidney stone. I had a kidney stone 7 yrs ago which was much smaller than this one yet I was unable to pass that one either. For the last one they did a surgery where they went up my ureter, blasted the stone, removed it and then left a stent in me for 6 wks which led to numerous infections, etc.

I thought once it was gone I was in the clear, but this past November I had a painful attack that landed me in the E.R. where I found out that I had yet another stone, only this one was extremely large. (1.3 cm which is more than twice the maximum size that you can pass naturally) They suggested I get a procedure called ESWL where they use shock waves to break up the stone into pieces for you to pass.

They don’t guarantee you that it will work or that all of the pieces will be small enough to pass. It also doesn’t ensure that you won’t get a stone again. I wasn’t comfortable with that. I researched all over the internet, got 2nd opinions from urologists & even went to a Chinese medicine, school none of which could dissolve or shrink the stone enough for me to pass it. Unwilling to do the shock therapy, I decided to try a new naturopathic doctor (Pina LoGiudice). She was wonderful and highly recommended that I see Dr. Huo.

MY EXPERIENCE WITH DR. HUO: In my first appointment with Dr. Huo he told me that he will be able to dissolve this stone AND he will also repair my kidney energy so that it won’t continue to produce stones. He put me on a 4 wk regimen. I come for acupuncture once a week (which is completely painless) & 4 days/week I brew herbal teas. After 4 wks I went to my urologist for a sonogram of my kidneys & THE KIDNEY STONE HAS DECREASED TO LESS THAN HALF ITS SIZE!!! (it is now 0.5 cm) Dr. Huo’s program has been completely painless. The stone is dissolving into sand, so I don’t even feel it passing.

My energy has increased & the best part is that HE TREATS THE WHOLE BODY, not just the kidneys, so my lower back pain is nearly non-existent, my chronic constipation is beginning to normalize & I’m sleeping better than I have in years. I CAN’T WAIT TO CONTINUE WITH DR. HUO & check in with you in a few more weeks when the kidney stone is COMPLETELY GONE!! Don’t delay! Get to Dr. Huo NOW!! Many of us Americans are suffering unnecessarily, fearing the unknown & treating Chinese Medicine as “alternative medicine.” It is NOT alternative medicine, it is THE ORIGINAL MEDICINE. Its ancient roots go far beyond any textbook could ever teach. This is wisdom & experience. Trust his process & get on your way to optimum health, balance and life again!

Until next time…Theresa”

Hendrix Family*

“I have been going to Dr. Huo for 12 years for almost half my life! He is an both an amazing person and a truly remarkable healer and doctor. Anytime I am sick (whether it is a cold or something more severe) I go to Dr. Huo first before any other physician. He has helped cure me on multiple occasions for various different ailments, which range from mild to severe. I wholeheartedly believe in his methods and ways of healing anything from a slight infection to cancer…he can do it without a doubt!

I have never written a testimonial before and I know that often when something is unfamiliar to a person they usually want to know firsthand from someone who has experienced it and knows for a fact it works, so if anyone would like to ask me any further questions about my interactions and treatments with Dr. Huo please do not hesitate to email me! If there is anyone who can help you get better it is definitely Dr. Huo!”

Nancy’s Experience*

My name is Nancy. Recently, I have been very disappointed with the traditional western medicine. Due to my poor physical condition, I’m seeking alternative ways of understanding the mysteries of human sickness. I asked a friend for recommendation about Acupuncture and Taiji.

He suggested for me to look into a group of Yuanji practitioners at a local park. The group practices a “special” type of relaxation and stretches utilizing dance forms.

A week later, I found myself walking around the park and searching for “these people that may be dancing to some kind of Asian music.” After an hour of searching, I found them. I found myself falling in love with the music and the wind blowing between the trees.

Within days of going to practice every weekend, it became a natural, enjoyable and sweet routine, with a noticeable physical and emotional improvements.

I feel better coordinated and gained a deeper insight to my physical condition. Simultaneously, what I thought to be “acupuncture” turned out to be a profound system for health. Later, I realized the cool park breezes were also felt at the doctor’s office. The Yuanji medicine approach toward sickness and health amazed me. I witnessed the patience and time it took to discover the origins of sickness and healing the root cause. On the other hand, I wasn’t treated like a patient. I was treated like a student, I took the personal responsibility and played an active role in healing process.

Within months, my overall physical health was enhanced and the illusions of fear and deception evaporated into thin air.

It is very difficult for me to separate the Yuanji medicine from the other Yuanji practices. They are absolutely interrelated and the benefits of one wouldn’t be the same without the other. I feel it is necessary to stick to the rigors of practice.  I aspire to learn the techniques, the positions, the thoughts, and the meanings of what I’m doing… Even if is in Chinese!

The recent lessons in Yuanji dancing have been difficult to understand. With the help of some compassionate translators, they became the cornerstones in understanding the dance. The concepts became clearer and sharper.

At this point, I’m thankful to Yuanji. The people created a friendly environment. The routines, that I practiced for four months, have to flow like the water, with no timeframe, considering that is much more integral than I initially though and there’s a lot of things to learn about… after all, ‘there’s more things in heaven and earth than in your imagination.’”

My Problem Solved*

“After many meetings with Western doctors, a colleague of mine recommended Frank. After the first session with Frank I experienced immediate results and improvements in my condition. When I went back to one of my Western doctors, he said, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.” I give Frank my highest recommendation and am happy to talk with you if you would like more information.”

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.